A Church IN and FOR the Kennebunks

This is the whole reason why Seven Mile Road Kennebunk exists. There is no other reason. We want to see our friends and neighbors in the Kennebunks meet and follow the real Jesus. Everything we are and do is geared to reaching this end. If you’re from the Kennebunks and looking for a strong church to jump in with, then we’d love to meet you.

Every church has a culture that goes beyond what you say you are. As you’re considering Seven Mile Road Kennebunk, here’s five unwavering distinctives or values that we want to shape our life as a church.



It’s all about Jesus, because Jesus changes everything. Jesus plus nothing equals everything.


We have an unwavering commitment to live and become more like Jesus in every area of life.


The Scriptures are the first and final authority for our faith and all of our practice. The Scriptures are informing everything – preaching, teaching, singing, our life together in Gospel Communities and how we’re going about engaging culture.


The church is more than a service or an event. It’s a people, redeemed and being redeemed by Jesus. We’re going hard at long term shared life and transparent community together.


A big-time commitment to meeting, loving, engaging and serving our friends and neighbors in the Kennebunks. This includes contributing to the common good of the Kennebunks in humble and practical ways.


If you find yourself jazzed and longing to be a part of this, then let us extend a huge welcome to join us. Come check out a SUNDAY MORNING GATHERING at 10a. All are welcome.