Here’s how we’re going hard in living out our mission.

  • Sunday Worship Gatherings. Every Sunday, the Seven Mile Road Kennebunk family will join together for worship where we’ll sing the gospel, sit under the Scriptures preached and respond together through the sacrament of communion and being sent out during the week as everyday missionaries. WE WILL BEGIN WORSHIPPING TOGETHER ON SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 10th AT 10a at 71 PORTLAND RD. KENNEBUNK, ME.
  • Gospel Communities. We are striving to live out our God-given identity as followers of Jesus and members of God’s family (this is the church) in smaller communities. Through Gospel Communities, we are committed to being the church and not just coming to church. We’re committed to growing, developing and multiplying smaller communities of Seven Mile Road people who are asking and committing themselves to:
    • Believing and growing in the truths of the gospel together.
    • Loving one another through intentional life together.
    • Prayerfully and joyfully having a Spirit-led, unified mission of making disciples to a specific people within their neighborhood, town or city.
    • We believe tons of people who have been blown away by the grace of God and see themselves as missionaries to a particular people group who live and demonstrate the gospel has the power to transform a community.
    • We currently have 2 Gospel Communities gathering weekly. Our Kennebunk/Wells GC meets Sunday nights at 5p. Our Kennebunkport GC meets Tuesday nights at 5:30p. Contact bryan@sevenmileroad.org for more info.
  • Intentional, everyday living. All the time, at home or at work, hanging with our neighbors or involved in the community, we want to demonstrate the truth that gospel changes everything, starting with us moving from self-centered lives to gospel saturated, others-focused lives.
  • Tons of prayer. Privately, pastorally, corporately, we’re a people who recognize that apart from Jesus, we’re done (John 15:5). Seven Mile Road Kennebunk will only survive, grow and thrive by God’s grace and goodness as we continually seek Him.