I’ve been asked at times what Gospel Communities are and why they exist at Seven Mile Road. I’m pumped when people do.

Simply put, Gospel Communities are the avenues by which our Seven Mile Road crew are best known, loved and equipped to serve the very people Jesus is sending out to love, bless and serve. These are groups of people who are learning to follow Jesus deeply, love each other well and think through how to be missionary servants to whoever the Spirit might send them to in and around the Kennebunks. Together.

Is there bible study at these things? Absolutely. But it might not be every time together, or in a traditional, “Let’s sit in a circle of chairs and discuss.” So, it’s more of a social group, then? There’s certainly socializing, but there’s more to it. We would say it’s the place where Seven Miler’s are learning to become a gospel-centered family. 

Gospel Communities eat. They laugh (hopefully). They celebrate. They learn. They pray. And they’re learning to serve, both each other and friends and neighbors in the Kennebunks. We would say that these are a primary vehicle where the church learns to be the church, with Jesus, to each other and to the Kennebunks.

These things matter to us.

Which is why we’re rolling out a training for current and potential Gospel Community leaders. We’re going to consider some essential DNA of Gospel Communities, the why and how of leading a Gospel Community and what that all looks like. Training is going down Monday January 7th, and Monday February 4th from 6:30-8:30p at the Kennebunk building on 71 Portland Rd (go upstairs to the 2nd floor and hang a left).

We’re excited and pumped to see (prayerfully, hopefully) 2 new Gospel Communities start in 2019, and the existing 3 strong and clear on what we’re going for with these things. Would you be praying towards what your role is within the life of a Gospel Community? Whether it’s joining one, starting on the track to starting a new one, or committing to life together with the one you’re already rolling with, let’s step into 2019 pumped about growing in being the church. With Jesus. To each other. And towards our friends and neighbors in the Kennebunks and beyond.