The Apostle Paul spends some time warning the church in Ephesus against sin in vs 5-21. Pastor Bryan helped us unpack this challenging topic by looking at 3 things:

1. The Dark Guest of the Soul (vs. 3-14)
2. Redeem the time and Walk in Wisdom (vs. 15-17)
3. Know the Lord and Walk in Joy! (vs. 18-21)

– Read Ephesians 5:3-21 as a group –

1. In Versus 6-8, what is the difference between someone who is “… light in the Lord” versus someone who is a “son of disobedience?”

2. As we look at verse 17, how doe we know what the will of the Lord is?

3. What does it look like to submit to each other (vs. 21 and how does that relate to thankfulness?

Take some time as a group to pray for friends in this area that are still living as “sons of disobedience.” Talk as a group about ways that you might be able to share the Gospel with some of these people.