This week we wrapped up our series in Habakkuk. We did a brief overview of the series and then we took a closer look at chapter 3:17-19. Matt Highlighted 3 things:
1. This Life is Hard
2. God’s Kingdom is the more present reality 
3. Jesus is not the consolation prize.

Read Habakkuk 3:17-19 with your group.

1. Vs 17 describes some very hard circumstances. Have you gone through a hard season in your life? How did you respond. 
2. Habakkuk moves from describing his situation to rejoicing. How can we get better at rejoicing in tough times, AND in good times? 
3. Vs 19 uses strong imagery. What does it mean that the Lord is our strength? 

Take some time at the end to pray for the real struggles that people in your group are going through. As people are describing situations in question 1, it might make sense to stop and pray right then, be open to that. Also, make sure that people don’t feel like they have to share for question 1. Gospel, Safety, Time!