Luke took us through an overview of the Old Testament Book of Habakkuk this past Sunday, a Prophetic book focused on showing us how to live by faith in an evil time. Luke pulled out three big sections of the book:
1. Habakkuk’s questions, God’s response.     
2. Habakkuk’s second question (Complaint!), God’s response.      
3. Habakkuk’s prayer and song of praise.

Read Habakkuk with your groups. All 3 Chapters. It should take about 10-15 minutes.

1. What are some things that jumped out at you after reading all 3 chapters? (good or bad)   
2. In Chapter 1, Habakkuk opens with a question / complaint for God. Is his complaint valid?    
3. What lead to Habakkuk actually being able to write a song of praise at the end of Chapter 3? 

Many people in our church are going through challenging times right now. Please take the time to pray for one another in your groups and throughout the week.