Pastor Bryan walked us through Psalm 19:1-14 as a backdrop to help us understanding the importance of Preaching in our church and in our Christian walk. We looked at three main points together:

1. God reveals himself through words
2. Why do we need to hear these words
3. How do we hear these words well

Read Psalm 19:1-14 with your groups.

1. As you read through the first 7 versus, what are some ways that glory of God is revealed to you in nature and creation? Why is this be an incomplete picture?

2. Looking at vs 7-8, How does God reveal himself to us through his laws and precepts? And if God’s words are perfect, what are reasons that we still struggle against his word?

3. Why is the preaching of God’s word important? (Both from the passage and from practical experience and the sermon). Why can’t we all just go off on our own and read the Bible?