This week, Pastor Bryan opened up a special series on Liturgy by looking at the Biblical picture of worship. He covered three questions:

Why do worship
What is worship
and How should we worship

Read Psalms 95 with your groups:

1. What are some of the ways that the church is told to Worship God in this Psalms?

2. From the text, what reason that are given for worship? (vs 3, he is a great God, etc… )

3. Pastor Bryan defined worship for us as: (in general) as Giving ultimate value to something or someone. And then the Biblical picture of worship as Giving God ultimate value and responding to the Gospel in every sphere of life. What are some ways that you worship God? What are some other things that you worship that interfere with giving God ultimate value?

4, What are some ways that we can learn how to worship more and better corporately? (i.e. Does it always have to be singing?)

As with all things, are worship is a response to Gospel and to the Goodness and Gifts of God. Pray for each other that we would learn how to respond in our worship more fully!