This week we kicked off the Ephesians series with a bang. Luke looked at Paul’s intro to the letter and was able to pull out some amazing Gospel truths just from the first 8 versus.

1. We are either in Christ or in Adam.

2. God wants to give us every Spiritual blessing, but these gifts of forgiveness, redemption, and adoption only come through the Holy Spirit because of the work of Jesus.

3. God planned to bless us since before the foundation of the world.

4. God is doing this all for His Glory and because He Loves us. And his love for us will never change or diminish.

Questions for your Gospel Community:

1. Take time to reflect on the sermon. Are there any questions that you have or thoughts that you should share with your group?

– Read Ephesians 1:1-8 together as a group

2. Why do you think that Paul wrote this letter to the Ephesians? What was he trying to accomplish?

3. In verse 3, Paul mentions that God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. What does this mean to us in our everyday lives?

4. Paul uses the language of adoption in vs 5. Why did he use this word?

5. In verse 8. the Bible says that God Lavishes all of these blessings on us. How does this make you feel? (We don’t often think of the God of the Universe, lavishing us with Love and blessings).