Pastor Bryan helped us unpack 4 important statements about Christianity this week as we continued working through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

1. To Be a Christian means that you have Truth and Gospel

2. To Be a Christian means that you have Hope

3. To Be a Christian means that you have future glory.

4. To be a Christian means that you have a down payment

Questions for your Gospel Community:

– Read Ephesians 1:11-14 as a group.

1. Is there anything from the passage (or the above statements) that really jump out at you? Why?

2. In verse 13, Paul mentions the gospel of your salvation. Take some time to talk about what this means as a group.

3. Paul also proclaims that, we are “sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.” How do you see the entire Trinity at work in this passage and how do you experience this in your life?

4. Verse 12 talks about Hope in Christ. Pastor Bryan described hope as a life shaping certainty about our future. Take some time to pray as a group that God would increase our hope and that our friends and neighbors would see the hope that we have. Feel free to share any needs that might be interfering with your hope and pray for those needs as group.