We had another great Sunday in the first chapter of Ephesians and we took a look at three important points that Paul was making in his introduction:

1. A note of thanks for those in Christ
2. The test to know if you’re in Christ
3. What are the riches in Christ?

Please read Ephesians 1:15-23 together and then dig into the following questions as a group.

1. The introduction that Paul writes is meant to be an encouragement to the church. What kind of encouragement can you get for yourself out of the passage?

2. Paul talks about “the hope to which (God) has called you” in verse 18. What are some things that bring you hope? What are some areas that Paul says should give us hope?

3. In versus 19-23 Paul is declaring the power of Jesus. What are some evidences of Jesus’s power that we experience in our lives?

4. As we reflect on this passage as a whole, what are some practical things that we can be doing to encourage each other on a more regular basis?

Take some time to pray for each other, especially areas where we might be facing discouragement.