This Sunday, we start a beautiful stroll through Paul’s letter to the churches in Ephesus. One read through this thing and it will feel like a Mike Tyson blow to the jaw – but in a good way.

We’re endeavoring through this series to provide our Gospel Communities with a resource to help fuel some deeper conversation, application and prayer – TOGETHER. Through each sermon, a team from Seven Mile Road is developing questions for each group to work through. We’re pretty pumped to bring some additional thought and dive deeper into what we’re working through as a larger church family on Sundays.

As we kick off the series with an overview this week, here’s some questions to kick off with following this Sunday as we roll our Ephesians Gospel Community Guide. Make sure to take some time this week to read through Ephesians as we step into this together.

1. What was it like for you to hear an entire book of the Bible read in one sitting? How did it compare to reading smaller sections during other sermons or even your own reading? 

2.  From this past Sunday, as well as from your own personal reading, what themes, patterns, or “big Ideas” did you notice as the book unfolded?

3.  Imagine yourself as a member of this very early church in Ephesus hearing this letter read for the very first time. Are there things that would be impactful to you as a first century Christian that we might take for granted now? 

4. What are you hoping to learn more about through this book series and what are you hoping that Jesus teaches you though his word over the next several months? (Take some time to pray through these as a group)