Our 3 Promises

Here are three promises that we make to everyone who becomes a part of Seven Mile Road.

1. YOU WILL GET TONS OF GOSPEL GRACE. By “gospel” we mean grace for sinners, or really good news for really bad people because of Jesus. The gospel is our lifeblood, and we need to learn it, relearn it, believe it, revel in it, and live from it. Come to Seven Mile Road and you will be pressed – unashamedly and relentlessly – with the gospel and all of its beautiful implications for holy living.

2. YOU WILL BE WICKED SAFE. By “safe” we mean that there is room here to ask questions, connect dots, and be respected and loved in the process. We do not allow for finger-pointing, people embarrassing, manipulation, or rolled eyes. Instead, we are committed to honest and straight-forward gospel ministry where sinners can walk in the light together.

3. YOU WILL HAVE A BOATLOAD OF TIME. By “time” we mean giving ourselves to each other for the long haul. There is urgency and earnestness here, but no rush, because none of us changes quickly. Jesus is patient with us, and we will be that way with each other.