Seven Mile Road Kids

Longing to see our little ones grow to be holy, happy, and healthy in Jesus


We value our little one’s because Jesus valued children. A ton. And so do we. Here’s how we’re partnering with Jesus in teaching our kids.

Training trusted, gifted and super qualified leaders, teachers and helpers.

Competency and character are essentials to working with our kids. We don’t allow just anyone to care for our kids. We’re serious about having top-notch, trusted people lead our little one’s towards Jesus.

Active articipation in the life of the church.

We love having our kids in the mix. They sing with us. They serve with us. They do life with us. 

Sunday Kids Church.

During the preaching portion of our liturgy, our kids take off for Kids Church, where they sing together, learn about Jesus together and are shaped as disciples of Jesus. We have 2 spaces for kids 1-3 and 4-8. You can check your kids in when you arrive for worship in the front hallway.