Why Here?

Kennebunks – A Special Place

Every summer, thousands of visitors pour into the southern coastal towns of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport adding to the increasing year-round population. The natural beauty of this area is stunning. From the groomed, sandy beaches that blend with the classic rocky coastline of Maine to its beautiful forests and river inlets; this area has much physical beauty that can be seen and enjoyed by those that love the outdoors. In addition, the human touch of past eras can be clearly seen in the diverse architecture of the revitalized and preserved historic buildings.

This connection to its historic roots is strongly reflected in the importance of preserving the small-town ambience of its village centers and the open vistas of its once agricultural landscape. New homeowners and businesses prize their property’s history. Because of this awareness Kennebunk claims to be a town with not only a rich past, but a promising future. People move to this area not only for its natural aesthetic beauty, but also for a safe and healthy place to raise a family. Also a growing number are coming to retire and enjoy a slower-paced way of life. It represents small-town America at its finest. Many would say that the State of Maine’s advertising slogan ā€“ “Life, the way it should be” ā€“ applies to Kennebunk.

Why Another Church in Kennebunk?

And yet here in the Kennebunks with its many picturesque white churches resting under their steeples and bell towers, only 30.66% of the people in Kennebunk are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. And only 2.24% claim to be of “Christian faith”. Where once historically the teachings of the Scriptures were vigilantly carried out in every day life, today most view the church and the Bible as having no relevance. As a result, many have rarely attended a church or find it personally relevant enough to make the effort.

This is the very reason why Seven Mile Road Church Kennebunk was started. Beyond just being people who occupy space in a given neighborhood or community, we see ourselves having been placed here with greater purpose and reason. With big hearts for our neighbors, our friends and the community where we live, work and recreate, and knowing that just as God sent Jesus on a mission to redeem a broken world, we are also sent by Jesus to point people to his redemption and transformation, a vision was birthed to see lives changed by grace and our community impacted and thriving because we exist here. Believing that church planting is the single most effective way to share the gospel with our neighbors and friends, we felt called to team together as families to plant a church in the middle of our community. Our mission is to make Jesus known by living as a gospel flourishing family seeking to make disciples and work for the common good in the Kennebunks.

A gospel changed community isn’t primarily about us, but about God’s goodness, grace and glory being displayed to the world. Our desire is to love, bless and serve our friends and community and by doing so, people in the Kennebunks and beyond will meet and follow the real Jesus.